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Maxy Super-Specialty Centre

The Maxy Super-Specialty Centre is a unique healthcare facility promoted by the Reddington Hospital Group. It is a multi-disciplinary ambulatory care centre designed to deliver high quality care targeted to the special needs of our valued patients in an office-like environment away from the usual hospital bureaucracy.

It is staffed by a carefully selected group of highly skilled and competent clinicians who share a dedication to the delivery of safe, effective and efficient healthcare according to internationally accepted guildelines.

Dr Misbah Oleolo
Medical Director
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Patient Support

All our clinical nurse specialists and support staff are trained to offer you the needed assistance while you access care at our clinic.

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Professional Clinicians

Carefully selected group of highly skilled and competent clinicians who share a dedication to the delivery of safe, effective and efficient healthcare.

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We will provide you with detailed information as required on your condition and about the outcome of our assessment and treatment.

Our Services

Ear, Nose & Throat

The Maxy ENT Clinic specializes in the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of head and neck diseases. We provide the highest quailty of healthcare in the specialty of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery with a full range of diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical care to treat diseases of the nose throat and ear in children and adults. We also provide allergy, audiology and speech pathology services.


The Maxy physiotherapy centre is one of the most respected centres for health excellence. Our centre offers the latest technology combined with comfortable and safe treatment rooms which allows us to offer unrivaled physiotherapy and massage services. Our treatments have been scientifically validated to help a range of problems from spinal pain and injury to enhancement of your sporting performance


Our centre is dedicated to providing high quality hearing care services. We provide a unique range of services to adults and children affected by problems with hearing, balance or tinnitus. Our clinicians are dedicated to helping people with hearing loss improve their quality of life through the use of a comprehensive, compassionate and personal approach to hearing health care that includes providing the best solutions for patients lifestyles at the most reasonable prices.

Dental Care

The Maxy Dental Centre provides high-tech dental care, which is of great value to our valued clients and their families. We provide top class dental care, using state-of-the-art technology from Castellini (Italy) and 3D Panaramic Xray imaging from Carestream USA.


Our Eye Foundation Clinic is a state-of-the-art centre established in 2016 to provide high tech eye care, as well as great value, to busy Nigerians and expatriate families. It offers comprehensive mdical and surgical services for occular diseases and eye disorders for adults as well as children and the centre is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in ocular medicine and surgery

Medical Check Up

The Maxy Super-Specialty Centre offers a thorough physical examination; including a variety of tests depending on the age, sex and health of the patient which is otherwise known as Annual checkup, Annual physical examination, Routine physical examination, Pre-school screening, Pre-employment evaluation services and Health screenings.

Our Facility is Well Laid Out to Provide You Comfort and Our Aim is to

Make your visit to the centre as relaxed and diginified as possible

Keep you fully informed of what is happening at all times to enable you make informed choices

Provide accessible, timely and high quality patient centred service

Provide you with a high standard of care based on current recommendations and protocols

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Health Tips

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Picking a toothbrush

If you tend to brush too vigorously, which can damage your gums and teeth

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Hearing Health Dangers in Lagos State

Interrupted sleep resulting in awakenings sleep stage changes is the most commonly discussed complaint of noisy environments. 

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It's Too Noisy To Think

Loud or prolonged noise can permanently destroy these tiny hairs cells, causing loss of hearing.